Lakes of Mars

Back into the Time War, Rassilon, back into hell!

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He’s a Time Lord.
He can regenerate, and look young or old at will.
He can even choose to replicate someone else’s face.
He can go anywhere in time and space.
He can even go back in his own timeline to rewrite History, and fix his own mistakes.
He single-handed won the Time War saving his planet and (almost) wiping out the enemy.
He can make any army run at the mention of his name.
He’s surrounded by adoring women, and apparently even the main villain is one of them.

He has no fucking reason to be grumpy.
He’s nearly omnipotent now. And totally unrelatable.

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These, are Pallasites.

Pallasites are stony-iron meteorites that contain gem quality olivine embedded within.

Pallasites formed when our solar system did. Back then there were even more planety type things wooshing about. Some of them were massive enough, and composed of enough radioactive materials to have a mantle and core and a crust, like Earth.

Pallasites are thought to have formed at the boundary between the mantle and core of these things, like something floating in the layer between oil and water. Then when two proto-planets crashed together, it freed the pallasites and sent them on their way.

They’re pretty rare, only 61 have been found, but damn are they pretty

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