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Back into the Time War, Rassilon, back into hell!

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What do you mean that was out of character for the Doctor? Aren’t you forgetting the single instance 40 years ago where he did something vaguely similar to that? CHECKMATE MOFFAT HATTERS

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culturalrebel asked: Also that the only way for a Dalek to be good is if it's suffering from hallucinations brought about by Dalek internal bleeding. And the best way to change it isn't to help it develop a conscience, it's to physically break into its mind and forcibly overwrite its will.


Yes, Daleks can be good and moral if you remove all their autonomy and rewrite them into your own version of killing machines like the fact that they were neuroengineered in the first place was not horrifying enough let us do the same to it for our own purposes.

Not to mention the hackneyed rewrite of “crazy” dalek equals “good/human” like in that horrific asylum episode

and the doctor/dalek comparison, Moffat trying to call back to old episodes where they actually understood the moral issue at stake just highlights the total failure to write any of this effectively.

Don’t you think he looks tired?

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My failing relationship with Doctor Who


Season 5: Oooh! That crack in the wall keeps showing up. What does it mean?
Me: *Comes up with a million theories and speculates constantly.*
Season 6: Who is River Song? Is she evil? What about Amy? Is she pregnant? Who is the eyepatch woman?
Me: *Speculates wildly and comes up with several million theories*
Season 7: What is Clara? Why is she everywhere?
Me: I’m a little tired. Can we speculate about this later?
Season 8: Who is this Courtney woman? It’s a huge mystery!
Me: She’s just more Moffat fuckery. I just don’t care any more. I’m sure it’ll be something nonsensical, disappointing and probably a little misogynistic. Just like all the rest of them.

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