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Back into the Time War, Rassilon, back into hell!

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Warning: “Deep Breath” Spoilers

So the Doctor doesn’t seem to care much about Clara anymore. I feel sorry for the Whouffle shippers, but I saw it coming.

Although I’m a Doctor/Master shipper, I think the Doctor’s love for Rose was real, self evident, undeniable. And I’m ok with it, since I see the Doctor as bi (he has two hearts after all).
Doctor/Rose was convincing because it was well written. Doctor/Clara never was.

Yeah, Eleven had a stalkery crush on her, but he kept lying to her, mocking her, yelling at her. In The Time of the Doctor he got her to stand naked in front of creepy strangers; he tricked her away twice; he basically said to the Daleks “go on, kill her, see if I care”; he sexually assaulted Tasha in front of her;; and when he was regenerating he ignored her to spend his last moments hallucinating about Amy.

What kind of love was that? A very badly written one.

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So I just thought of another reason why Clara shouldn’t be so shocked that the Doctor can’t change back.

Even if she doesn’t remember falling through his timeline, she met two versions of the Doctor during Day of the Doctor. Don’t tell me she forgot that too.

And one of them (War) looked old, so Twelve’s apparence shouldn’t surprise her either.

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Peter Capaldi: “I didn’t want to be Doctor Who in a Doctor Who I didn’t like. I had to be convinced the show was going in a direction I was interested in.”

So Peter Capaldi just gave this quote to Sunday Times Magazine and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

On the one hand, admitting he had to be convinced basically amounts to admitting he didn’t like the direction Doctor Who was going in when he was first offered the role. Which suggests he wasn’t happy with at least some of Moffat’s bullshit.

On the other … Moffat managed to convince him. This is what really makes me uneasy, because I’ll be honest - I’ve read the leaked scripts, and they’re awful. It’s run-of-the-mill Moffat. I honestly don’t see any of the major changes Capaldi suggests have been implemented. In fact, I could see the vast majority of his lines coming out of Matt Smith’s mouth.

I realize a lot of people are holding out hope Capaldi will be able to mitigate Moffat’s worst excesses, but I’m doubtful. Right now it looks like he’s signing off on more of the same old. (He also says he “loved” the past two or three years of the show, which have been the absolute nadir.)

[Disclaimer: Not going to reply to any Moffat defenders, so don’t even bother. Anyone who needs a breakdown of the various problems with Moffat can check out this handy masterpost,.]

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