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Back into the Time War, Rassilon, back into hell!

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Trying to do emotional resonance without the ties necessary


I’ll do a little post that encompass many little things I wanted to say.

You know Moffat and his quotes, how beautiful they are or rather how beautiful they want to be and could have been….It’s all those quotes that should evoke emotional responses if they were actually backed up and logical within the text, but they aren’t. There’s this fundamental probleme that theses quotes are not accurate within the story with the infos we have. It’s a sub-product of ‘Moffat wants us to have emotions but doesn’t know how’ so he gives us those quotes.

There’s the more obvious ones like:

Ten: for once I’d like to know where I’m going

Eleven: You wouldn’t you really wouldn’t

which is supposed to give us this feeling of past hardships that Eleven went throught that would be worse than whatever Ten went throught… but don’t ask me I can’t even have the slightest idea of what Eleven is talking about.

In fact, the 50th is full of those.

Yesterday I finished (the famous audio) Zagreus and toward the end you have Five, Six, Seven telling Eight :”whatever we do we never ever give up” that was a great scene, and an accurate one with what was happening, they told Eight to not give up and to fight, because that’s what the Doctor does.

If I remember correctly we had a quote similar in the 50th ‘we never give up’ said by War, Ten and Eleven. But here, it has a totally different context and connotation, as it only shows how Moffat misinterprete (intentionally or not) the Doctor’s destruction of Gallifrey. In the 50th :’The War Doctor: Never give up, never give in.’ meant not letting Gallifrey burn, like what the Doctor did during the Time War had been an act of weakness. But it wasn’t. It was an act of bravery ‘do whatever it takes’. The Doctor didn’t fail to save Gallifrey, he saved the rest of the universe from Gallifrey. There’s a huge difference between the two. So the line ‘never give up’ frame the destruction of Gallifrey as an act of weakness from the Doctor….

And finally, the ” I have a new destination. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone’s. It’s taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last I know where I’m going. Where I’ve always been going. Home. The long way around.”

I think anyone who watched classic who and the expanded universe can know how wrong and out of character this line is. This should have irritated so many classic who fans. This is not what the Doctor did, this is not his relationship with Gallifrey. This line has nothing to do with the Doctor, it’s only there as a line which wants to be ‘symbolic’ and ‘emotional’ but it fails when you realize that it contradicts all the relationship the Doctor had with his planet for the 50 years. It doesn’t matter that the Doctor felt guilty, that he missed some things of his planet, the way it is said is still something the Doctor wouldn’t say.

So I’ll leave you with an Eighth Doctor quote:

Romana: if you should ever try to return…

Doctor: I won’t

Romana: If you should ever try

Doctor: I will not! Why would I want to return here? When all my heroes are so damn disappointing […] who’s next? You? Madame president. Is that what a sniff of power on your patetic planet does? Enjoy your corruption Romana, I don’t want to see or hear anything of Gallifrey ever again.

Bolded for extreme importance.

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